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How to get a better erection (natural ways)?

We can’t deny that nowadays our health is on a decline due to the modern lifestyle and habits which leads to bad erection.

Both hormonal health and cardiovascular are on a decline too. which of course leads to erection problems.

Many people have impotence or erectile dysfunction(ED) and most of them jump directly to the doctor’s prescribed solution.

Rather than making a change in their diet training and lifestyle to make a real and permanent solution for their problem.

Most people neglect the power of their diet and food and its effects on their physical and mental health.

In order to stay healthy and if not just a stronger erection but to have a healthier life, you just need to pay a lot of attention to your diet.

Here are some food you can add to your diets to improve your erection:-


Garlic is proven to be a superfood. This superfood triggers more nitric oxide which is a molecule that widens arteries and improves blood flow to the penile region.

Garlic can also increase testosterone levels in the body which is a necessary hormone in men for libido and erectile quality.

It has been also shown that garlic also reduces and helps to balance the blood pressure.

Needless to say that garlic is without a doubt a good food to improve erectile dysfunction..

Dark chocolate:-

Raw chocolate is among the healthiest and the most nutritious foods you can consume.

And they are considered great food for harder erection because it naturally increases nitric oxide output.

It also produces a reduction in blood pressure and they are delicious too.

Note:- Do not consume sugary low cacao unhealthy chocolates. Take raw chocolates with huge cacao percentage.


Pomegranate is definitely the natural viagra. It is the best food to improve erection strength and testosterone levels.

Increased nitric oxide levels and drops in the blood pressure, and reduction in the bad LDL which is the bad cholesterol. Pomegranate helps you to reduce all these.

A study has shown consuming pomegranate can increase testosterone levels by 25-30%.

Chilli pepper

You may wonder, why chilli pepper so hot? Well, that’s the effect of a special molecule.

Molecule in chilli pepper is also known for boosting nitric oxide, enhancing circulation and dropping blood pressure.

Also, it protects testosterone molecules and boosts them. It is definitely a superfood when it comes to improving your erection.


Beets are great for cardiovascular health.

They are full of nitrates and the more you consume nitrate-rich foods.

More nitric oxide means increased blood flow which leads to better muscle pump. For this reason, beets are one of the best food that improves Erectile dysfunction.

Lifting heavy weights and performing multi joints movements is a great way to increase your testosterone levels.

  • Bench press,
  • deadlifts,
  • squats.

That’s it, These were some simple tips to increase your testosterone and boost your erection the right, natural way.

However, if you want to take it to the next level and have harder and better erections and have that masculinity that drives women crazy.

You should definitely get a natural supplement, not just for sexual dysfunction but to stay overall healthy.

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